AI ChatBots
Utilise our AI ChatBots to help your business leverage opportunities and expand your service offering outside of normal work hours. Allow our experienced staff to customise a solution for your business.
Integrate Ding with your existing social media strategy or work with our team to develop an alignment strategy for using Messenger, Skype, Webchat, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Slack, Line. Reach more clients before your competition.
Developed For Today
Our Ding™ strategy allows a rapid development of using AI Chat Modules by using our prebuilt industry solutions, or through working with your organisation to bring forward a strategy of understanding and communicating with your clients.
User Interface

Leverage The Vision Of The Crowd

Utilise the knowledge of online social media combined with the skills of Monevation DING AI Chat solution can leverage your social media communication. With online learning, tailored responses catered for your business, natural language processing and response personalisation. Easily integrate with your CRM, eCommerce, Marketing and Scheduling Tools
Slack Telegram
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Communicate Today and NOW

Marketing, sales, customer service and support, the customer wants to communicate with you 365*24*7. No matter how small or big your business the resources required to maintain for 365*24*7 are cost restrictive. Local Knowledge of solutions is the area of expertise for Monevation.
Viber Line
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Learn From Your Clients

Chatting with your clients, chatting with suppliers, chatting with friends is all becoming a learning experience of communication. With more people connected via social media, greater and easier access to smartphones, webchat and mobile devices the business of today is now an interconnected 365*24*7 activity. DING is able to assist your business and team through our alignedship model where we take the risk alongside your business.
WebChat Slack

Create a Visionary DING®

Utilise the flexibility and creativity of DING to develop an enhanced strategy for marketing, sales, compliance, accounting, operations, cybersecurity, risk management, the list is endless only your imagination.

Our Group's Awards

Private Chat Integration
Utilise different message channels for your preference. From Skype, Messenger, Telegram, Webchat.
Obtain analytics of how clients are communicating with your business, what type of questions they are asking, how long they staying with you communicating. The list goes on
Integrated updates between DING and your website and other CRM systems
With DING we are able to customise responses as to how you want to communicate. Long or short messaging, if you want to follow-up or even take over the chat with our virtual staff.
Access social media 5 times per day
18-29 year olds use social media
Individuals are on social media
Small and Medium Use Social Media
Your Clients Are Using Social Media
Leveraging the skills and solutions of DING can help you reach a wider audience and capture a greater share of business before your clients.

Six DINGvantages


Allow Unlimited Vision With Us

The DING Solution provides a wide variety of solutions, from the inclusion of geo-maps, sending email, sending images, sending video, to requesting additional data from users. Our comprehensive solution is developing daily based on feedback from users, developers and business.
  • Industry Solutions

    DING has 8 industry portal solutions that can assist your business to commence and start communicating with your clients via social media.

  • Partnership

    Monevation believes in our DING solution so that is why we have two methods of how payment for the solution works. We have a payment based on time or payment purely based on performance and activity a result pays model. It is up to you the client.


Choose the DING that you really need!

Freebie Plan

Utilise our prebuilt platforms and integrate with your site to trial the solution.

Free Plan Using Our PreBuilt Trial Bot


Premium DING

Paid solution based on ours to develop, build and handover

  • Customised quotation
  • Fixed price contract
  • Unlimited User Support
  • Ongoing updates
  • Unlimited Support
Premium DING


Alignment DING

Venture with Monevation where we work and build a DING Bot together

  • DING Partnership working with you
  • Dedicated consultant to understand model
  • Unlimited User Support
  • Share in design and progress and outcomes
  • Unlimited Support
This is a partnership alignment model

Work With DING Now!

Utilise the skills, experience and operational expertise of the DING team
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