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Our AI ChatBot solutions enable business to integrate, understand and manage the client relationship.
Who We Are
Monevation was established in 2017 after being created and developed through the MyMoney/Local Knowledge incubator and accelerator program.
What We Do
Our objective is to utilise technology to enhance, develop and learn. From our early days of development of virtual avatars, our knowledge and experience in rule based software, through to our Natural Language Programming for AI Chat. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the experience.
How We Do It?
Our vision is to constantly learn and pass the experience through to our clients. From the watching, learning, trialling, testing and going through the process again we want to bring new solutions to our clients to meet the requirements of clients.

Short Story About Our Company

Rules Based Programming
Investing, analysing and owning a rule based language business
Virtual Avatars
Utilisation of virtual avatars to assist with communication rather than using word documents
Do It With Me
Creation of Self Directed Web Portal For Do It With Me Investing
Agnostic Analysis
Creation of online agnostic analysis tools to undertake due diligence and ongoing management
Establishment of company Monevation. Launch of industry segment Artifical Intelligence ChatBots

Our Works In Action

Our Bots are also called DING, This helps us with building market solutions for our clients and also help with establishing a relationship with our clients as though they are communicating live with a person.

What Our Customers Say

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